SHE Weekend Gathering for Women: Shakti, Healing & Embodiment Women’s Festival

Friday 1st May from 11am until Sunday 3rd of May until 4pm

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Enjoy 3 full days of exquisite workshops, free camping, free parking and free showers for just:

£140 Crazy Bird Price: we only have 50 of these tickets on sale.

Only 50 Early Bird Tickets at £165 and only 100 Late Bird Tickets at £195. No booking fees.

This is a Retreat-Festival. All the glory, healing and depth of a retreat, at joyfully low festival prices.

Glamping and Sumptuous Meal Tickets available if you want to upgrade your weekend……these will be released soon.

Join us for a weekend of expansion of energy, deepening healing and getting into your delicious woman’s body. All in nature, events in the most beautiful barn, gorgeous garden, with trees, river, fires, ceremonies, healing, scrumptious food and more.

This gathering has been in dreaming for a while and now with the collaborative and unified creation with Rachel Cox the creator of the OM and BASS festival the S.H.E gathering is born!

Come and unite with us in sisterhood, under the sky, beneath the trees and upon Mother Earth. Gathering in our female tribe brings potency to our energetic work, magnetism to our being and wellbeing to mind, body and soul.

The gathering is super accessible in terms of age, ability and your current financial situation, no matter what it may be.

This event is 100% accessible, vegan food and single use plastic free.

Arrivals Friday afternoon to set up your camp.
Sacred Silent Shared Glamping is available at affordable and flexible rates.
Shakti Kitchen are providing sumptuous vegan meals over the weekend.
You are welcome to book the meal package with your weekend ticket if you like :)

We look forward to welcoming you SISTARS

Kalindi and Rach x


The dream for this gathering came from both our different directions and when we met our ideas merged! I have wanted to create a gathering that encompasses playfulness, dance that is mindful, deep and prayer in motion, creating space for contemplation of “Who do we each chose to be in these interesting times? “. To embrace the power of when woman comes together what gets ignited, the creative passion and the new waves of change that are possible get born!

Kalindi and Rach offer sensitivity, love and compassion with a big dollop of humour. We both have a keen sense of humour and believe in the magic of healing with laughter, as well as a good old cry…..both are experienced in holding space for individuals and large groups. You are in safe hands and hearts.

Here is a little bit of info about each of these womben.

I am an international teacher of intimacy and sexual healing.
I have a deep understanding of the human energy system, human psychology and sexual nature. This has come from devoted personal practice, many ‘awakenings’ and 20 years experience. I am an Alchemist of touch: unlocking the body and mind, creating flow and facilitating change. Bringing the understanding of how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy.
For more info about her work, courses and treatments visit:

Creator of Om and Bass wellbeing festival, yoga teacher and martial artist. I teach retreats around the world bringing in elements of dance and ancient martial arts in my workshops and events. My main workshop is Om and Bass Chakra Rave, but I also offer restorative relaxation classes and meditations. More info:

Kalindi & Rach offer sensitivity, love & compassion with a big dollop of humour. We both have a keen sense of humour and believe in the magic of healing with laughter, as well as a good old cry.....both are experienced in holding space for individuals and large groups. You are in safe hands & hearts.


Arrivals Friday any time after 11am to set up your camp.


Lunch 12.30-2pm, for those who have meal tickets

Opening circle for those who have arrived

Workshops until:
Evening meal – 7pm to 8pm for those with meal tickets
Opening circle and meditation for everyone on site
Evening Dance Celebrations – 8.30pm to midnight

Whole tribe prayer in movement embodiment flow – 8am to 9am
Breakfast – 9am to 10am
Then chose from 3 workshops every 2 hours devoted to women’s wellbeing, led by experienced experts in their field
Lunch – 2pm to 2.30pm
Then chose from 3 workshops every 2 hours devoted to women’s wellbeing, led by experienced experts in their field
Dinner 6.30pm to 7.45pm
Evening whole tribe gathering with dance, fire and voice 8pm to Midnight

Whole tribe prayer in movement embodiment flow – 8am to 9am
Breakfast – 9am to 10am
Then chose from 3 workshops every 2 hours devoted to women’s wellbeing, led by experienced experts in their field
Lunch – 2pm to 2.30pm
Then chose from 3 workshops until 4pm
Closing circle – 4pm

 The event space is incredible. We have a lovely running river which we can paddle and bathe in. Trees to hug and lay under. The most beautiful barn for workshops. Another large workshop space in the field plus a smaller more intimate meditation space.

The ‘cherry on top’ is the magnificent Yoni Tree which we will use as an alter, healing space and devotional celebration space. This spectacular site couldn’t be more perfect for a gathering of women folk.

EXPERTS OFFERINGS - this is from our September 2019 event and we have left this up so as to provide an example of the level of excellence and diversity with regard to SHE Gathering Workshops.

Workshop facilitators, more coming soon…

Tribal Ecstatic Dance
Tribal Ecstatic Dance embodies Sacred Dance Fusion and Expressive Yoga practices all in one.  Inspired by Shiva Rea this creative dance and exploration of movement is to a playlist of tribal drums, ecstatic dance and global yoga music and will carry us on a transformational journey.  Come and ‘Melt into Motion’ with me.

Nadin Hadi
Nadin Hadi is a storyteller, writer and mythologist, passionate about how myth can reveal deeper insight into our lives and who and how we want to be in the world. She hosts true life storytelling nights in London, performs myth and has a TinyLetter exploring desire and longing for women. Over the winter, she’ll be offering a closed women’s group looking at animal brides stories and wildness, and female descent myths across different cultures.
You can find her at Instagram at and/or via Facebook.

The Goddess within
Come connect to the gifts of the feminine, and your inner Shakti, through juicy, nourishing movement, woven together with positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisation’s and empowering mantra’s, working with the magic of the breath and mudra’s (energy seals). Together we will journey through the chakra’s, and what each energy centre represents in our flow through life. Honouring the qualities we each hold, creating a revitalising & empowering experience, culminating with a deep relaxation and soothing sound bath using lavender eye pillows.

Mother and daughter Yogini’s ~ Sandra & Sofia enjoy learning, creating and sharing yoga and it’s path of wonder. Offering classes, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats. Both can be found sharing these at Yoga festivals and shows as well as hosting international immersive cultural ventures. Tuning in to earths rhythms and our own elemental, cyclical nature lies at the centre of their work. They enjoy inviting creative expression, as it allows us to sense into the freedom life holds and love to dance. Also offering alchemy and elemental dance, often paired with cacao concoctions and ceremonies to assist in the unravelling. See more at

Jady Mountjoy
Jady is a mother, doula, childbirth and menstrual health educator, bodyworker, rebirther and group facilitator with over 20 years experience in the field of holistic healthcare. Jady’s approach invites a dynamic and authentic relationship between self, others and environment and encourages a strengthening of your own  initiative wisdom about your body and process.

Her workshop, rooted in the wisdom held in the menstrual cycle, will introduce women to a radical approach to their development that is central to girl’s and women’s health and pscho-spiritual growth. You will explore ways in which you can understand and nurture yourself as a woman through charting and interpreting your cycle and look at how cycle awareness supports you to tap into your unique gifts or Wild Power so that you can bring yourself more effectively and purposefully into life. Embracing cycle awareness helps dignify a woman, cultivates self worth, teaches her about her sensuality, sexuality and fertility, enhances her skills in relationship with others and guides her in how to harness her creative energy. It also prepares her for some of life’s big initiations like childbirth and menopause.

Elise Yuill
Inspired by global traditions of sacred sound, devotional, world and folk music, and guided by her love and dedication to the healing spirit of music. Elise’s creativity includes composing devotional songs, mantra, meditation and kirtan music, as well as contemporary folk -songs. She is also a qualified yog and pilates instructor and a trained life coach. Elise runs yoga and Pilates classes, workshops, retreats and kirtan gatherings in her home county of Devon, as well as touring in the UK and abroad. At She Gathering Elise will be teaching a Restorative Flow Yoga Class, and holding a Kirtan (mantra singing circle).

Dominica Roszko
Dominica Roszko is a practising nutritionist, naturopath, iridologist and vegan chef. She’s been running her own plant-based nutrition practice for 5 years, where she works mainly with vegetarians, vegans and people interested in reducing their meat and dairy consumption. She’s been vegan herself for the past 7 years.

Dominica is sharing her experience through regular workshops, courses and talks in the UK and Europe, where she teaches nutrition, herbal medicine and plant-based cooking and food preparation to the general public, chefs, restaurant managers and other companies.  She is an author and regular contributor to newspapers, magazines, as well as specialists online publications. In her work, she is particularly interested in gut health and hormone regulation.

The talk: Balancing Women Hormones with a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet
Hormones affect everything. Have you ever struggled with acne, oily hair, dandruff, dry skin, cramps, headaches, irritability, exhaustion, constipation, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, clotting, shedding hair, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, lowered sex drive, or bizarre food cravings and felt like your body was just irrational?

Improving hormonal health is a goal for women at every stage of their lives and medication and anti-depressants aren’t the only solutions. There are much better ways to balance your hormones and get your life back.

During this talk, we will focus on the impact of food and herbs on our hormonal balance and how we can use plants to our advantage.

Shamanic Trance Dance
Shamanic trance dance is a powerful inner journey of discovery that enables you to find the answers to your own questions. Journeying inwards to find your own answers to important life questions. We have a tendency to be always looking outside of ourselves for the answers, it is easy to believe that everyone else knows better. So take this opportunity to dance your way inside to seek your own wisdom.

Shamanic Trance Dance Rituals are held in a sacred space as a ritual, accompanied by the sounds of dynamic tribal rhythms, world music, ambient nature sounds, and the beat of the drum. Using effective ancient and innovative techniques that naturally and safely moves one into a ‘trance’ state of consciousness, where it becomes possible to enter the world of the spirit, to discover visions, guidance, wisdom, healing, empowerment, beauty and magic!

Bringing your dream to life – With Hils Crisp
This workshop will help you get clear on what you truly want for you and your life in the next few years and you’ll start to bring it into embodied reality by exploring what may be stopping you from manifesting your dreams and what steps you can take to dissolve those blocks. More than just dreaming, you will anchor your desires in your body with the help of your sisters and leave feeling clear, excited and inspired.

Hils has been coaching and facilitating transformational growth, authentic confidence and deeper purpose in people since 2014. She now helps women with heart-centred, service-based businesses such as coaches and wellbeing practitioners to market themselves more confidently, authentically and effectively so they can get more clients, make more money and grow the aligned, sustainable business they desire.

Helen Knight
Helen Knight will be offering a heart felt space of song and prayer. Songs are prayers and prayers are singing silent vibrations of the heart.  A held space to allow us to hear the messages of our hearts, our guiding lights. An opportunity to be in prayer, soft, tender, intimate and nourishing.

Helen is the founder of ‘Whispering Temple Women’s Retreats’ in which she holds a deep space for the exploration of voice, dance and prayer.  Helen also offers one-to-one vocal exploration sessions. As well as her solo songs she also sings in a harmony rich Trio ‘Three Feathers’ with Susie Ro & Ayla Schafer.

Charlotte Hodgson
Creative expression is the lifeblood of connecting with the world around. It is also one of the most effective methods of addressing self perceptions, both mental and physical. The yoni painting class has been designed to bring appreciation, connection, honesty and fun to our minds and hearts when considering our female forms.

Join labia enthusiast, Charlotte Hodgson, for fun and intimate ways of befriending your yoni. Expect honest chat, bold and delicate brush strokes and off-beat Rorschach foo foo analysis. Washing facilities will be provided.


There are some fabulous opportunities to volunteer at S.H.E gathering from being part of the set up crew, a steward and info team. These are limited spaces so if you feel you are unable to afford a ticket please sign up to be a space guardian…


Tickets are limited in number and only weekend tickets are available in order that we retain the boundaries of the sacred healing space we build, nourish and deliver. This is a reTREAT gathering – There will be no tickets on the door.

Crazy Bird limited to ONLY 50 TICKETS at £140 and then finally £195 for Late Bird. Zero Booking Fees.

Tickets on eventbrite – TICKET LINK

There are tickets and payment plans to suit everyone’s budget.
Concessions available.

If you need to pay monthly please email us at: and agree your deposit and payments with us, in the way which suits you and your current situation. Everyone and every situation is accepted.

Camping is FREE, parking is FREE


Arrivals Friday any time after 11am to set up your camp.
Opening circle starts at 2pm and again at 8pm
Sunday closing circle at 4pm


Women of all ages from age 14 and beyond are welcome.
We invite anyone that identifies as a woman to join the gathering.
As a gathering of women we invite all ages, sizes, physical ability, sexual preference, ethnicity or religious beliefs to all have fun together!

Shakti Kitchen
 are providing sumptuous vegan meals over the weekend. You are welcome to book the meal package with your weekend ticket if you want to save on bringing food.

Breakfast ticket: £12 for the weekend (two breakfasts)
Lunch and dinner for the weekend £70
(five incredible vegan meals).
You will be able to buy teas & cakes the stalls, but there will not be any other food stalls over and above the meal and breakfast tickets. You’re also welcome to bring your own and cook on gas stoves.

No BBQ’s permitted.

What to bring and not to bring
Everything you need for camping please bring!
Also clothes for all types of weather.
A blanket / sheepskin / cushion to use for sitting during workshops.

What not to bring :
We want to invite a commitment to no single use plastic so no bottled water will be sold. Please bring a refillable bottle.
This is a alcohol and drug free gathering so please commit to not bring anything but you ability to be naturally ecstatic!!
Sadly no dogs are invited to this gathering
No fire works

Accommodation is camping in your own tent. There are shower facilities and compost toilets. There are water taps for collecting water only so bring a washing up bowl if you intend to make you own food.

Stalls and healing field
There will be a variety of stalls of women sharing their creative gifts to beautify either your body or your home.
In the healing field we have a sweet range of experts in their craft – more information coming soon :

Hot tub and sauna
We have hot tubs and sauna! The Eco Spa is only £22 for the whole weekend pass, if paid in advance. These tickets will be £45 on the weekend itself.

Child policy
We are a child-free festival. This is a decision that we have consciously made to meet the need of the feel of deep diving healing / reflection / experience we are co creating. We apologise for any inconvenience this may bring for you.
Young women form age 14 are welcome if they have a guardian or parent over 18 accompanying them.


Glamping in beautiful silent shared bell tents by Sacred Silent Shared Glamping.
Available at affordable and flexible rates.

Each glamping tent will have a single memory foam mattresses, delightfully decorated, with lights and lamps.
Single spot in 4 Woman Tent: £65 for the whole weekend
Single Set Bedding (optional extra): £20
This can be booked and paid for with PayPal friends and family only so that you are not liable for fees.

To book please email:

Facebook Page Link: click the FB icon below for more info & Tickets