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Gong Bath Sound Journey and Relaxation with Roger (teas and snacks, chats and fun)

Roger and his impressively massive Gongs are coming back to Oxford. Join us on for some deep relaxation, community teas, snacks and chats to warm and nourish you. LUSH!

ALL AGES AND ABILITIES WELCOME. Literally any body can take part. We are lovingly guided by Roger through some very gentle yoga postures and breath work to prepare us for the Gongs. You don't need to have any previous experience whatsoever.

The Gongs are ancient Asian instruments which take you on a healing sound journey in both mind and body. The vibrations of the gongs carry you into deep relaxation and can have a rejuvenating or energising effect for some time after the event.

What to bring?
Yoga mat / exercise mat
Blankets, duvets, pillows, thick socks, warm jumpers and clothes, hot water bottle. Your body temperature drops A LOT in a gong bath so it is imperative that you bring everything that you need in order to get the best results from your experience. You must stay warm. Thick socks, hats, scarves, extra layers, sleeping bag, hot water bottle - go nuts!
Bring a mug for tea.

Tickets are £20 Early Bird then tickets will go to £25. The event will be about 2 hours with teas and relaxation time. Please arrive from 5.30pm, sound journey will start at 6pm and then tea and social time will be from about 7.30pm. There won't be any tickets on the door. And we will sell out. Make sure you book asap if you want to be sure to get a spot.

Where and When?
Richard Benson Hall Cowley Road, next to St Mary and St Johns Church. This is an AMAZING location. Roger and I are so excited to use this space. It is stunning and has the best acoustics ever. It is a particularly lovely church hall.
Arrivals from 5.30pm and kick off at 6pm.

Email or call me if you have any questions. Always happy to help.

With love and thanks

Rach and Roger xxx


PS Kids are welcome. I would suggest aged 10 and over but you know your children. Feel free to message me and discuss.

One Love x