This contemporary take on yoga, harmoniously intertwines yoga, moving meditation and conscious dance.

Om & Bass was born out of a love for yoga and a passion for dance, self discovery and personal liberation. The class format has been mindfully developed to take participants on a unique journey through the chakras.

Om & Bass draws upon the discipline of traditional yoga and combines it effortlessly with modern music. It rejuvenates your energy centres (or chakras), starting gently with ambient music and moving through various genres building up to an energetic "Drum & Bass" climax. It's OM... and BASS.

Less common in yoga and dance workshops, Om and Bass features two teachers. Rach is both qualified in yoga and dance, with a background in freestyle and hip hop dance. These sessions can be practiced in groups ranging in size, from 25 - 50 people, but is also ideal for larger groups of 100 or more. 

Taught by candlelight, Om & Bass encourages the participants to "feel" their way through the experience without feeling exposed or intimidated. This works in yoga studio's or any indoor venue depending on the size, however for the more outgoing and adventurous among us, Om & Bass works just as well as an outdoor event, bringing an element of nature to the experience. During the summer months it works amazingly well at any festival or community event.

The yogic practice itself has foundations in traditional asanas to suit even the first time yogi or someone looking to experience a new dynamic more exciting yoga practice. More experienced yogis will also find themselves challenged as the practice gains momentum working towards it's bassy climax.

You can draw from it whatever you need, be it a spiritual experience, fun and fitness, confidence building, a good dance, or simply meeting like minded people for a sober night out where you still leave feeling like you've really let your hair down.

So far, Om & Bass has had an incredibly varied turnout with people from all walks of life attending past events. It is so beautiful to watch everyone embark on a personal journey and see them come out the other side smiling and feeling good about themselves. We have had complete novices practicing alongside advanced yoga teachers from all over Europe.

Om & Bass Founder and Creator, Rach, has travelled to India to consult various esteemed yogis to get some invaluable insight whilst developing the set sequence of chakra yoga flows. The chakra dances are a blend of Qi Gong, Mindful Movement, Meditative Dance and Euphoric Conscious Raving.

The participants are lovingly guided, their space is held and they often exceeded their own expectations. First timers are frequently astounded by their experience and the repeat Om & Bassers just come back for more.

Rach wanted to create a fun yoga dance workshop....this has been realised in the Om & Bass 2 hour workshop which she teaches all over the world. She then built the festival around the essence of that workshop. Pure, natural, euphoric highs, creating abundant wellbeing in harmony with the earth. 

We also offer a silent disco version for residential areas with sensitive sound constraints, should your studio so require.

See you on the mat, yeah?




We don't accept any liability for any loss or injury whatsoever. You take part in each class at your own risk.
Listening to your body and being mindful is essential, and you are reminded of this at beginning of each class and throughout its duration.
Each instruction is an offering and an invitation.
You are the only person who can judge what your body is going through - it is your responsibility solely to manage and take care of yourself during your practice.